Me, Kash the Dog, the Aussie Shepherd mix “puppy” or whatever, is depressed.  My master, the stubby one, said he broke his foot!  Now he won’t take me out in the woods anymore.  This is not good.  We always go out in the woods every morning and afternoon.

He just lays around or gets up like a wavering cattail and puts these sticks under his arms and flails about.  What the hell is that?  He should throw those things out and take me for a walk.  Maybe I’ll go bury those sticks in the back yard.

The good news is that the curly haired lady has gone for a walk with me the last two nights.  She even let me play in the pond.  The fat one hobbled out and sat in a chair by the pond – so I got him wet!  He hoots and howls when I do that.  Mud and crap was all over him.  I was wet from head to tail!

Aussie Shepherd pup in the pond

Dog paddling

Border Collie-Aussie

The stubby one put me in my sleeping crate early this morning.  He hobbled out the door and said “see you when I get home” like he always does.  He was gone for about 3 hours, boy did I sleep.  I am ready for action baby!

Finally he gets back and doesn’t have the crazy sticks under his arm anymore.  Out the door we go.  We walk slowly up the driveway, around the barn, and then “what the crap is this thing?”  A stick that is alive and moving fast!  I was alarmed!  My body started doing this juking and jiving thing as I was trying to smell the moving stick.  The fat one started after me and said “leave it alone”.  Like it was going to get me or something.  He said it was a snake, a Blue Racer.  I’ll race that snakey stick thing!

Collie mix dogs aren't afraid of snakes!

This stick moves and has eyes! Wonder how they taste?

Collie Mix

My master (the stubby fat one) said he will be able to take me running out in the woods in a couple days.  Way cool!  I could go by myself, but sometimes there are noises that scare me, (only because I don’t know what they are) plus my master said the coyotes live in the woods.  He said they will trick me and then strip my haunches.  I don’t know what that is, but if it’s anything like that neuter thing, I’ll stay out of the woods unless my master is with me.

Later, I’m going to go squat and do my business. (that’s what the curly haired lady calls it)

Kash the Dog

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