As an Aussie Shepherd mix dog, you know I like to have fun.  So as we go on with this here dohickey of a “blog” let’s find things that are cool, delicious, fun, and exciting.  I’ll be telling you all about the stuff my really cool masters buy for me, the healthy dog food and healthy dog snacks they give me, and of course all the smart things they teach me to do.  They call it dog training lessons.  I call it snack time!


Aussie Shepherd mix puppy chews stick

Here's my favorite toy. A stick!

I’ll tell you more about dog toys

So stay tuned in, I’ll be tellin you all bout stuff I like.  Oh yeah, I’m okay with my spellin most of da time, but not always.  So bear with me. (who gives a crap anyway)


Kash the Dog


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