My masters are feeding me healthy dog food, and constantly giving me fresh pure water.  I didn’t know how well I was being treated until I went to a new friends house to ram around for a day.  His master gives him some big ass crunchy, crumbly stuff that tastes like burnt sand!  How does he eat that crap?

I went to get a drink to wash my mouth out, and his water even stinks!  It was cloudy, kinda like when I dig holes and get a drink and turn it into brown water. (but my master changes the water right away)

I guess life ain’t so bad at my place.  But then again, I’m Kash the Dog!

Healthy dog food keeps me going!Collie Mix

I need some new toys.  Everything I have has been chewed, screwed, ripped apart, or was taken away due to a misfunction of the durable, destruction-proof chew toy!  So I am shopping this week for some new, healthy dog chew toys.  I found some on  Here they are, which ones would you pick?

My masters brought me in the wheeled thing that goes way too fast, to a big open grassy area that had a lot of other master-like looking critters.  They said it was a softball game.  We laid around in the grass, away from other people and watched as they threw balls,  hit ball with softball bats, chased them, and threw them again.  They wouldn’t let me chase them!  Not going there again!

I dig strawberries.

Collie Mix dog loves to eat strawberries!

Kash the Dog picks and eats his own wild strawberries.

Kash the Dog (ME), who they say is a Border Collie-Aussie mix dog, now almost 8 months old, and 48 pounds, loves strawberries.  He eats apples, bananas, and peaches too!  I do eat healthy dog food right out of the bag, well they pour it into a bowl for me, and sometimes they even put chicken in it!  My master is smart.  He reads stuff about what is the healthiest and best food for dogs from this book. It tells you what NOT to feed a dog like me, and lists the best dog foods.  You should read it.

Well, I’m going shopping for some dog chew toys now, so I’ll wag at ya later,

Kash the Dog

Honor Student of Dog Training Secrets

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