An aussie shepherd mix dog.  I don’t even know what that means.  I am Kash the Dog.  They say my full name is Kash Flow Fouts, but at one time I was called Antonio.

aussie shepherd mix

This is me the first time I saw my masters

I don’t know why they call me a rescue dog, cause it was I who rescued my masters from certain boredom and idleness.  I had a couple other brothers and a bossy sister.  Their names were Gia, my sister, who was a totally different color than my brothers Mario and Julio.  Mario was the biggest.  I was what they called a runt.  That must mean handsome or something.

I lived in a big cage thing, in a house with my brothers and sister, plus a gal named Chasity took care of us, she was nice. The one day these two people came and played with us.  I kind of liked them, especially the curly haired lady.  She was really nice to me, but then they went away.

A few days later I was taken to some other place and stayed with Julio in a cage in a different house.  They had some other dogs around and a cat!  The lady at that house was really cool.  She started teaching me stuff I think.  And then one day the curly haired lady and the stubby guy came to see us again.  Something was up.

They played with us, stroked our fur, played with us some more, and then I was swooped up and we got into one of those things that makes everything go by you so fast.  They called it a van.  My brother Julio stayed behind.  But we will see each other again.

Off we went down the road to yet another house.  This one was really different than the other two.  You have to walk up a curvy hard path, then you have to step on a hollow sounding wood platform that goes up even higher off the ground, and cross over a scary bridge (at least it was scary to me, I had never seen a bridge) and then onto another flat wood area.  When the stubby guy opened the door, I warily stepped in.  I think it will be ok.

Turns out, the curly haired nice lady and the fat stubby guy became my masters.  I bite them a lot, bark until they can’t stand it, and make them do all kinds of things for me.  I take them for walks, play with their silly toys, (I dig sticks) and then they give me snacks.  Trained them pretty well for being so young and not knowing crap about how to train a human!  They bought some “dog training course” that they use to help me train them, I don’t know what that is all about.  But it works.

Well now that I’m settled in to my new digs, (I have 4 comfy beds, my masters only have 1) I really love my masters and my life.  I walk out the door, scan the area for squirrels from the now friendly bridge, stroll down my curvy path to my whizzing spot, and can go in any direction for a walk in paradise.

I’m KASH the DOG!

Aussie Shepherd (Kash the Dog)

Yeah, that's me.



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