Aussie Shepherd Mix?  I think I heard them say Border Collie-Aussie the first time.  Who cares.  I’m Kash the Dog.

Kash the Dog, an Aussie Shepherd mix puppy

How's this for a pose?

Collie Mix

Crazy as it may seem, I like to play outside far better than playing with my squeeky toys inside. (well, except for playing hide-the-weasel with the stubby guy) He hides my weasel with the two squeekers under a blanket and lets me try to find it.  It can go on for 20 minutes!

The fat stubby one isn’t limping on his bad wheel as much as he was before.  In fact, he took me out in the woods today, but we went slow.  He flopped on the ground a few times, but at least he’s showing effort.  Must have been a good day cause he didn’t yell so much, but then again, I was pretty darn good today for a change.  Just wait until the curly haired lady gets home!

My human training course – I mean the dog training course, has been pulled out of retirement.  They said I need a refresher course on commands.  Oh yeah, I see more treats in my future.  You see, when my master says sit, I sit.  That is a signal I give so the masters will throw me a treat.  Simple.  They catch on pretty quick.  Who said “you can’t teach an old human a new trick” anyway?

Drats!  Dang fat stub put me in my sleeping crate again.  Said he had to go to the store.  Liar.  He didn’t come back with any good smelling treats, just a couple big sticks of wood.  They were really smooth, no branches.  Maybe they have a giant stick store or something.

Double drats!  Back in my crate again.  This time he said he was going to Shelly’s softball game.  Hey now, you know I like to play softball.  I have my own softball.  You gave it to me so why can’t I go?  Crap.  I’m gonna chomp that sucka when he gets home.

Border Collie-Aussie or Aussie Shepherd dog?

See, I have my own softball.

Border Collie-Aussie

So, I’ll tell you how the fat stubby one tastes once he gets in range.  He better not lock me up two times in a row with only a small squat of a potty break!  Oh crap, he  comes.  Get my dirty-look face on.  He’s opening the door, aw what the heck, my dang tail is wagging!  I’m not even trying to do that!  My tail must love the fat stubby one!


Kash, Kash the Dog that is!

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