Kash the Dog, A Border Collie-Aussie Mix is Grown Up

And is handsome!

Kash the Dog

Border Collie-Aussie

This is Kash the Dog‘s master, the bald headed short pudgy one. Kash thinks he is too busy to post on his blog, Kash the Dog!

So, I’ll tell you a little about what the crazy, 3-ax handle wide, canine pooch has been up to. First of all, I want to say what a great dog Kash has become! He is smart as a whip! A lot of times when I am training him for a new task or trick, I just have to tell him in cool calm voice while he is focused on my eyes. He just seems to learn it first time, or within 3 times for sure.

Our last trip to the vet for his Lyme Disease prevention New Price: Old Price: You Save: shot, the vet though he might be about 5-8 pounds overweight. I agreed. With all of our injuries, surgeries, and recovery periods, we have not been able to walk and hike as much as we had been doing. Now that I, the alpha male, am healed and don’t have to be the care giver as much, we will be getting into that hiking first thing in the morning routine.

Kash the Dog eats Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Dry Food BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Healthy Weight Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food 30-lb New Price: $45.99 Old Price: $45.99 You Save: , and of course the healthy homemade dog food that we make from the homemade dog food recipe bookHealthy Dog Food: Dr. Millers Tested Homemade Recipes“. This is the best homemade dog food recipe book we have found! It also has healthy homemade dog snacks recipes too!

So by switching to the Blue Buffalo BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food 30-lb New Price: $49.99 Old Price: $52.99 You Save: $3.00 Healthy Weight Dog Food and using more vegetable and fruit content recipes, Kash has already lost a couple pounds in a month. That’s a good thing.

Border Collie-Aussie mix

We have had a lot of ticks this year so we tried a cheap brand that we bought at Sam’s Club. Boy was that a mistake. We were picking 10-12 ticks a day off of Kash. We switched back to the tick repellent/tick killer that we know works great, Frontline! Within a week, hardly any ticks on the dog, but I had them after every walk in the woods and fields.

If you worry about ticks on your dog, this is what to use!

Well, that’s my public service announcement for this post! Kash the Dog and I are going for a walk in the woods to see if we can spot the owl again.

Pet your dog kindly while you look him in the eye,

Thomas and Kash the Dog

Thomas Fouts

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