An Aussie Shepherd mix is what they say I am.  No, I’m Kash the Dog.  Some people want to assign a particular breed to a dog like me, but who really knows what the heck we are.  I’m a dog, man!  A pure-bred stinker!

I am handsome though, I mean just take a look!

Kash the Dog

That's me, Kash the Dog!

A Border Collie-Aussie

We are going to talk about and discuss what really goes on in a dog’s life.  I mean we’ll talk about our masters (good or bad), the stuff they call food that they put in our dish, the kind of mindless tricks they think they are teaching us, and of course, how they “play” with us.

Being just a pup, really, I have a fresh perspective on what is going on.  I mean everything is new to me, or was new to me.  Like I got to ride in a van and go on what they called a vacation.  First they start doing all this stuff of putting my toys, food and blankets in a bag.  I thought oh crap, they are sending me to obedience school for stinker dogs!  But that was not it.

They (my masters) loaded all kinds of stuff in this vehicle.  Then they wanted me to jump up into the thing.  No way I said!  The fat one chased me around the van a couple times, started swearing like he does, and then my other master says something and he gets in the van.  She calmly picks me up and lifts me right into a seat.  Quick closes the door so I can’t escape.  Off we go down the road.  I’m not too sure about this.

Well I’m sick of riding in this thing with all the rushing noises and big metal beasts (they said they were semi trucks) going right by my window!  The ground, trees, buildings and stuff fly by faster than I can run.  Most of the time it’s so fast it is all blurry in my eyes.  But wait!  We are stopping.  What the hell is that?

Kash the Dog

They say I'm an environmentalist.

Collie Mix

Well once they let me out, and it’s good they did, because boy I had to pee!  I went running down this stony path…whoa!  What is that thing?  It’s huge and it’s moving!  They called it a wind turbine.  There are a whole mess of them as far as I can see.  Wonder if I can piss on them all?  Nope, here we go again.

Our next stop was out in the country.  We were able to drive slow enough that I could actually see what stuff was out the window.  I got out and ran around a little cautious because there was smells like I never smelled before.  But it sure felt good to be out in the sunshine.  They are making a big fuss over this really long doghouse looking thing.  Hey wait, it has a creek under it!  Water, I love water!

Kash the Dog on Vacation

Hey that's me sporting a thing around my neck!

Aussie Shepherd Mix

Well, that’s enough for today.  I spill the beans on more vacation stuff tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll even talk about that thing around my neck.  What the crap is that jangling noise anyway?

Okay, see ya later.  I’m going to go curl up next to my master and spew some silent stuff out my butt.  It always causes a ruckus.  I just pretend to be sleeping.

Kash, as in Kash the Dog! (I am a stinker, you know!)

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