Kash the Dog here.  I am all about healthy dog food.  My masters, especially the chubby one, give me really good tasting nutritious dog food.  While I have not had every kind of dog food out there, as you know I’m still considered a pup, what they feed me keeps me going.

The best dog food may be the best for one dog, but not for another.  So it is hard to say what IS the best dog food out there.  I am sure it is not a commercial dog food, as I thinks – homemade dog food has that special ingredient, love, which sets it apart.

healthy dog food keeps me goingCollie Mix

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Boy, was it ever hot today!  Being born the last week of October, I have never experienced warm weather like this before. I know my master said it was going to get hot, but I didn't really know what that meant. Now I do. Lucky for me I have a couple ponds to wallow around in. I also have a lot of shade trees and a shady cool spot on the deck that always has a breeze.

My masters are going to take me to a lake later on.  I hope I can swim.

Ok here we go, suppertime!  I get to eat, take a crap, and then go for a “swim”!

Later gator,

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