It’s Kash the Dog here.  And it’s my birthday today!  I am too young to know what a birthday is, but if it means getting a piece of cheesecake and a new weasel toy at breakfast – I like it!

They tell me a birthday is when you chase rabbits, take naps, bark, and play for 365 days in a row.  Naw, really it was the day when me and my sister and brothers were first hatched in a barn.

I really feel like I am 7 years old though.  I mean after getting yelled at for digging all of the nice lady’s plants out, someone cutting my “hoo hoo’s” off, and waiting for the fat guy’s leg to heal, that takes time and effort!

So, here is my birthday picture at 1 year old.

Kash the Dog, a Border Collie mix puppyCollie Mix

I can’t complain about nuthin!  Well, I take that back.  They did sneakily cut my “hoo hoo’s” off and never gave them back!  Other than that it is not too bad living with the short stubby guy and the curly haired nice lady.  The stubby one first broke his foot and couldn’t take me for walks in the woods for almost 2 months, but then he got better.  But then the skeeters and heat became oppressive.  (bet you are impressed I knew the word oppressive, huh?)  Now the fat little dude broke his knee and no more walks for a long time.  Lucky I have the curly haired lady!

They feed me good stuff man!  Sometimes they cook me up some homemade dog food and homemade dog treats!  Mmmmm, they are good, and healthier for you than those they buy in the store.

I am great at tearing the stuffing out of my fake animals they give me.  Gutless softies.

Okay, I’m going to see if I can schinatch (like that word?) some more cheesecake before the stubby one eats it all.

Happy Birthday to me, the most handsome and ferocious dog in the land!  Kash the Dog!


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