I wonder why they call me an Aussie Shepherd?  I am Kash the Dog as I have said many times now.  But now I want you to read this important information below my handsome picture.

Dangerous Dog food ingredients

Sorry, I took the video out of this post.  It was a really startling video about the dangers of dog food, but it automatically played real loud and was annoying.  You can read about the product by clicking the link below.  It will take you to a sales page where you can get more information and decide if this is for you.  It is kinda scary. (the information about what goes into dog food!)

Here is the link to learn more about this product. It is a real eye-opener!

http://261c9zw8hb6c3249q512meoo-t.hop.clickbank.net/ (yeah this is a Clickbank product)

Buy healthy dog food or make homemade dog food for your dog!

This is a public service announcement for dogs, dog lovers, and masters of dogs!

Kash the Dog

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