Neutered, balls, nuts, this Aussie Shepherd Dog thought getting neutered was a fun thing.  I knew what balls were, so I thought we we going someplace to play with balls or something.  Nuts!  That wasn’t it at all.

The next thing I know, my master, (and boy am I pissed at him) let this lady take me into a room, she poked me with a needle, and the next thing I know, I’m waking up all groggy and my little puppy dog wiener is hairless as well as the surrounding area.  Something is amiss!  And boy do I feel weird.  I can’t hardly stand up on my speed paws.

A little bit later the lady comes and puts a leash on me and I gets up real wobbly like.  She is gentle and says your daddy is here to pick you up.  Daddy?  What the heck is that?  But then I see the stubby master all blurry standing there.  What happened man.  I thought we were going to play some game with balls or nuts or something?  I don’t want to play that no mo!

My master helps me into the car.  I have never felt goofy like this before.  My legs and head said “lay down”.  So I did and my master gently held my head with one hand all the way home.


Aussie Shepherd puppy hiding behind pine tree
Next time he wants to go neutering, I’m hiding!

Collie Mix

The story continues.  Once I got home, we were laying out in the yard, nice sunshiny day, and I went to lick my hoo hoos and they were gone!  What the heck?  It was sore as can be.  That neutering game is rough, I must have got knocked out or something.  I think something fishy is going on, but I don’t quite understand it yet.  I just know I am not moving too fast, and I sure feel weird and hurt at the same time.

Once I get to the bottom of this, somebody is going to…

Well, as I am not feeling too well, this is going to be a short day.  We’ll try to get back on track tomorrow.  For now, I am going to try and find my hoo hoos!

Kash the Dog – An Aussie Shepherd with missing hoo hoos!

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