Kash the Dog, our Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dog is a Handsome Fella!

Kash the Dog is getting to become known in Southwest Michigan as a good looking collie mix pooch! Thanks to Facebook and his short pudgy master. Kash the Dog   The short, pudgy, bald guy and the nice curly haired master took Kash the Dog on a 28 day road trip across the country! We even camped in the van on a few occasions!  I got to have my own dog bed Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Pet Mattress, Large, Chocolate New Price: $29.96 Old Price: $29.96 You Save: and sleep right next to my masters. It was cozy. (and a little weird)

We started out in Michigan (where I live), went north to Highway 2, called the Hi-Line.  It is the most northern east/west route across the United States. We were out for adventure – and boy, did we find it!

My master, the short pudgy one, drove the whole time. We stopped a lot and they let me out to smell, pee, and swim. I got to swim in several states. I even swam in the ocean! It was a real shocker because I attack waves and bite them! This ocean water tastes salty and terrible! My masters were laughing at me because I ran back out of the water and wrinkled up my face and spit water.

Border Collie-Aussie Mix


As we drove on, I smelled and saw many different things. I was in a state of bliss for a couple weeks until something bad happened. (real bad)  But, I’ll tell you about that a little later.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of my story here. Here is a really cool place we went for a hike. It was in Minnesota.

Collie mix

Berkhahn Rookery Nature Trail


That night we slept in the Grand Caravan Lodge, otherwise known as our vehicle. Oh, the short pudgy one made it real comfortable with a memory foam dog bed Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with Anti-Microbial Removable Waterproof Washable Non-slip Cover - (Small) 60cm x 45cm x 10cm New Price: $27.99 Old Price: $27.99 You Save: for me and a memory foam mattress Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen New Price: $189.00 Old Price: $289.00 You Save: $100.00 for them. The curly haired master even put screens on the windows! It was interesting.

Luckily they brought along my dog toys! I really like my new

Product Details

BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun!

They also brought my Kong Classic Dog Toy that they put little treats in, or sometimes peanut butter! One other toy is the one that they think stumps me. Ha! This Mdeho Interactive dog toy has little hidden treats that I have to move pieces in order to get the treat! No sweat.

Kash the Dog

Grand Caravan Lodge

8" Memory Foam Mattress with 2" Memory Foam + Air Flow Cool Foam + Pressure Relief Foam

OK, so that is where I’ll stop for now. I have weeks worth of adventure stuff to tell you about, so stay tuned!

Check out some of my adventure supplies! Or, go to my page right here: http://www.kashthedog.com/toys


So check back for further adventures of me, Kash the Dog!

Thomas Fouts

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Kash the Dog, A Border Collie-Aussie Mix is Grown Up

And is handsome!

Kash the Dog

Border Collie-Aussie

This is Kash the Dog‘s master, the bald headed short pudgy one. Kash thinks he is too busy to post on his blog, Kash the Dog!

So, I’ll tell you a little about what the crazy, 3-ax handle wide, canine pooch has been up to. First of all, I want to say what a great dog Kash has become! He is smart as a whip! A lot of times when I am training him for a new task or trick, I just have to tell him in cool calm voice while he is focused on my eyes. He just seems to learn it first time, or within 3 times for sure.

Our last trip to the vet for his Lyme Disease prevention New Price: Old Price: You Save: shot, the vet though he might be about 5-8 pounds overweight. I agreed. With all of our injuries, surgeries, and recovery periods, we have not been able to walk and hike as much as we had been doing. Now that I, the alpha male, am healed and don’t have to be the care giver as much, we will be getting into that hiking first thing in the morning routine.

Kash the Dog eats Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Dry Food BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Healthy Weight Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food 30-lb New Price: $45.99 Old Price: $45.99 You Save: , and of course the healthy homemade dog food that we make from the homemade dog food recipe bookHealthy Dog Food: Dr. Millers Tested Homemade Recipes“. This is the best homemade dog food recipe book we have found! It also has healthy homemade dog snacks recipes too!

So by switching to the Blue Buffalo BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food 30-lb New Price: $47.99 Old Price: $52.99 You Save: $5.00 Healthy Weight Dog Food and using more vegetable and fruit content recipes, Kash has already lost a couple pounds in a month. That’s a good thing.

Border Collie-Aussie mix

We have had a lot of ticks this year so we tried a cheap brand that we bought at Sam’s Club. Boy was that a mistake. We were picking 10-12 ticks a day off of Kash. We switched back to the tick repellent/tick killer that we know works great, Frontline! Within a week, hardly any ticks on the dog, but I had them after every walk in the woods and fields.

If you worry about ticks on your dog, this is what to use!

Well, that’s my public service announcement for this post! Kash the Dog and I are going for a walk in the woods to see if we can spot the owl again.

Pet your dog kindly while you look him in the eye,

Thomas and Kash the Dog

Thomas Fouts

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It’s Kash the Dog here.  And it’s my birthday today!  I am too young to know what a birthday is, but if it means getting a piece of cheesecake and a new weasel toy at breakfast – I like it!

They tell me a birthday is when you chase rabbits, take naps, bark, and play for 365 days in a row.  Naw, really it was the day when me and my sister and brothers were first hatched in a barn.

I really feel like I am 7 years old though.  I mean after getting yelled at for digging all of the nice lady’s plants out, someone cutting my “hoo hoo’s” off, and waiting for the fat guy’s leg to heal, that takes time and effort!

So, here is my birthday picture at 1 year old.

Kash the Dog, a Border Collie mix puppyCollie Mix

I can’t complain about nuthin!  Well, I take that back.  They did sneakily cut my “hoo hoo’s” off and never gave them back!  Other than that it is not too bad living with the short stubby guy and the curly haired nice lady.  The stubby one first broke his foot and couldn’t take me for walks in the woods for almost 2 months, but then he got better.  But then the skeeters and heat became oppressive.  (bet you are impressed I knew the word oppressive, huh?)  Now the fat little dude broke his knee and no more walks for a long time.  Lucky I have the curly haired lady!

They feed me good stuff man!  Sometimes they cook me up some homemade dog food and homemade dog treats!  Mmmmm, they are good, and healthier for you than those they buy in the store.

I am great at tearing the stuffing out of my fake animals they give me.  Gutless softies.

Okay, I’m going to see if I can schinatch (like that word?) some more cheesecake before the stubby one eats it all.

Happy Birthday to me, the most handsome and ferocious dog in the land!  Kash the Dog!


Insure Your Pet's Health For Pennies A Day!

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My masters are feeding me healthy dog food, and constantly giving me fresh pure water.  I didn’t know how well I was being treated until I went to a new friends house to ram around for a day.  His master gives him some big ass crunchy, crumbly stuff that tastes like burnt sand!  How does he eat that crap?

I went to get a drink to wash my mouth out, and his water even stinks!  It was cloudy, kinda like when I dig holes and get a drink and turn it into brown water. (but my master changes the water right away)

I guess life ain’t so bad at my place.  But then again, I’m Kash the Dog!

Healthy dog food keeps me going!Collie Mix

I need some new toys.  Everything I have has been chewed, screwed, ripped apart, or was taken away due to a misfunction of the durable, destruction-proof chew toy!  So I am shopping this week for some new, healthy dog chew toys.  I found some on Amazon.com.  Here they are, which ones would you pick?

My masters brought me in the wheeled thing that goes way too fast, to a big open grassy area that had a lot of other master-like looking critters.  They said it was a softball game.  We laid around in the grass, away from other people and watched as they threw balls,  hit ball with softball bats, chased them, and threw them again.  They wouldn’t let me chase them!  Not going there again!

I dig strawberries.

Collie Mix dog loves to eat strawberries!

Kash the Dog picks and eats his own wild strawberries.

Kash the Dog (ME), who they say is a Border Collie-Aussie mix dog, now almost 8 months old, and 48 pounds, loves strawberries.  He eats apples, bananas, and peaches too!  I do eat healthy dog food right out of the bag, well they pour it into a bowl for me, and sometimes they even put chicken in it!  My master is smart.  He reads stuff about what is the healthiest and best food for dogs from this book.  DogFoodDangers.com. It tells you what NOT to feed a dog like me, and lists the best dog foods.  You should read it.

Well, I’m going shopping for some dog chew toys now, so I’ll wag at ya later,

Kash the Dog

Honor Student of Dog Training Secrets

DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship to the providers of goods and services mentioned (links) on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. These are quality and trustworthy proven products, but you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.  These products have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Kash the Dog here.  I am all about healthy dog food.  My masters, especially the chubby one, give me really good tasting nutritious dog food.  While I have not had every kind of dog food out there, as you know I’m still considered a pup, what they feed me keeps me going.

The best dog food may be the best for one dog, but not for another.  So it is hard to say what IS the best dog food out there.  I am sure it is not a commercial dog food, as I thinks – homemade dog food has that special ingredient, love, which sets it apart.

healthy dog food keeps me goingCollie Mix

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Boy, was it ever hot today!  Being born the last week of October, I have never experienced warm weather like this before. I know my master said it was going to get hot, but I didn't really know what that meant. Now I do. Lucky for me I have a couple ponds to wallow around in. I also have a lot of shade trees and a shady cool spot on the deck that always has a breeze.

My masters are going to take me to a lake later on.  I hope I can swim.

Ok here we go, suppertime!  I get to eat, take a crap, and then go for a “swim”!

Later gator,

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DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship to the providers of goods and services mentioned (links) on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. These are quality and trustworthy proven products, but you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.  These products have a 100% money-back guarantee.


Aussie Shepherd Mix?  I think I heard them say Border Collie-Aussie the first time.  Who cares.  I’m Kash the Dog.

Kash the Dog, an Aussie Shepherd mix puppy

How's this for a pose?

Collie Mix

Crazy as it may seem, I like to play outside far better than playing with my squeeky toys inside. (well, except for playing hide-the-weasel with the stubby guy) He hides my weasel with the two squeekers under a blanket and lets me try to find it.  It can go on for 20 minutes!

The fat stubby one isn’t limping on his bad wheel as much as he was before.  In fact, he took me out in the woods today, but we went slow.  He flopped on the ground a few times, but at least he’s showing effort.  Must have been a good day cause he didn’t yell so much, but then again, I was pretty darn good today for a change.  Just wait until the curly haired lady gets home!

My human training course – I mean the dog training course, has been pulled out of retirement.  They said I need a refresher course on commands.  Oh yeah, I see more treats in my future.  You see, when my master says sit, I sit.  That is a signal I give so the masters will throw me a treat.  Simple.  They catch on pretty quick.  Who said “you can’t teach an old human a new trick” anyway?

Drats!  Dang fat stub put me in my sleeping crate again.  Said he had to go to the store.  Liar.  He didn’t come back with any good smelling treats, just a couple big sticks of wood.  They were really smooth, no branches.  Maybe they have a giant stick store or something.

Double drats!  Back in my crate again.  This time he said he was going to Shelly’s softball game.  Hey now, you know I like to play softball.  I have my own softball.  You gave it to me so why can’t I go?  Crap.  I’m gonna chomp that sucka when he gets home.

Border Collie-Aussie or Aussie Shepherd dog?

See, I have my own softball.

Border Collie-Aussie

So, I’ll tell you how the fat stubby one tastes once he gets in range.  He better not lock me up two times in a row with only a small squat of a potty break!  Oh crap, he  comes.  Get my dirty-look face on.  He’s opening the door, aw what the heck, my dang tail is wagging!  I’m not even trying to do that!  My tail must love the fat stubby one!


Kash, Kash the Dog that is!

I wonder why they call me an Aussie Shepherd?  I am Kash the Dog as I have said many times now.  But now I want you to read this important information below my handsome picture.

Dangerous Dog food ingredients

Sorry, I took the video out of this post.  It was a really startling video about the dangers of dog food, but it automatically played real loud and was annoying.  You can read about the product by clicking the link below.  It will take you to a sales page where you can get more information and decide if this is for you.  It is kinda scary. (the information about what goes into dog food!)

Here is the link to learn more about this product. It is a real eye-opener!

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Buy healthy dog food or make homemade dog food for your dog!

This is a public service announcement for dogs, dog lovers, and masters of dogs!

Kash the Dog

DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship to the providers of goods and services mentioned (links) on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. These are quality and trustworthy proven products, but you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.  These products have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Me, Kash the Dog, the Aussie Shepherd mix “puppy” or whatever, is depressed.  My master, the stubby one, said he broke his foot!  Now he won’t take me out in the woods anymore.  This is not good.  We always go out in the woods every morning and afternoon.

He just lays around or gets up like a wavering cattail and puts these sticks under his arms and flails about.  What the hell is that?  He should throw those things out and take me for a walk.  Maybe I’ll go bury those sticks in the back yard.

The good news is that the curly haired lady has gone for a walk with me the last two nights.  She even let me play in the pond.  The fat one hobbled out and sat in a chair by the pond – so I got him wet!  He hoots and howls when I do that.  Mud and crap was all over him.  I was wet from head to tail!

Aussie Shepherd pup in the pond

Dog paddling

Border Collie-Aussie

The stubby one put me in my sleeping crate early this morning.  He hobbled out the door and said “see you when I get home” like he always does.  He was gone for about 3 hours, boy did I sleep.  I am ready for action baby!

Finally he gets back and doesn’t have the crazy sticks under his arm anymore.  Out the door we go.  We walk slowly up the driveway, around the barn, and then “what the crap is this thing?”  A stick that is alive and moving fast!  I was alarmed!  My body started doing this juking and jiving thing as I was trying to smell the moving stick.  The fat one started after me and said “leave it alone”.  Like it was going to get me or something.  He said it was a snake, a Blue Racer.  I’ll race that snakey stick thing!

Collie mix dogs aren't afraid of snakes!

This stick moves and has eyes! Wonder how they taste?

Collie Mix

My master (the stubby fat one) said he will be able to take me running out in the woods in a couple days.  Way cool!  I could go by myself, but sometimes there are noises that scare me, (only because I don’t know what they are) plus my master said the coyotes live in the woods.  He said they will trick me and then strip my haunches.  I don’t know what that is, but if it’s anything like that neuter thing, I’ll stay out of the woods unless my master is with me.

Later, I’m going to go squat and do my business. (that’s what the curly haired lady calls it)

Kash the Dog

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Neutered, balls, nuts, this Aussie Shepherd Dog thought getting neutered was a fun thing.  I knew what balls were, so I thought we we going someplace to play with balls or something.  Nuts!  That wasn’t it at all.

The next thing I know, my master, (and boy am I pissed at him) let this lady take me into a room, she poked me with a needle, and the next thing I know, I’m waking up all groggy and my little puppy dog wiener is hairless as well as the surrounding area.  Something is amiss!  And boy do I feel weird.  I can’t hardly stand up on my speed paws.

A little bit later the lady comes and puts a leash on me and I gets up real wobbly like.  She is gentle and says your daddy is here to pick you up.  Daddy?  What the heck is that?  But then I see the stubby master all blurry standing there.  What happened man.  I thought we were going to play some game with balls or nuts or something?  I don’t want to play that no mo!

My master helps me into the car.  I have never felt goofy like this before.  My legs and head said “lay down”.  So I did and my master gently held my head with one hand all the way home.


Aussie Shepherd puppy hiding behind pine tree
Next time he wants to go neutering, I’m hiding!

Collie Mix

The story continues.  Once I got home, we were laying out in the yard, nice sunshiny day, and I went to lick my hoo hoos and they were gone!  What the heck?  It was sore as can be.  That neutering game is rough, I must have got knocked out or something.  I think something fishy is going on, but I don’t quite understand it yet.  I just know I am not moving too fast, and I sure feel weird and hurt at the same time.

Once I get to the bottom of this, somebody is going to…

Well, as I am not feeling too well, this is going to be a short day.  We’ll try to get back on track tomorrow.  For now, I am going to try and find my hoo hoos!

Kash the Dog – An Aussie Shepherd with missing hoo hoos!

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An Aussie Shepherd mix is what they say I am.  No, I’m Kash the Dog.  Some people want to assign a particular breed to a dog like me, but who really knows what the heck we are.  I’m a dog, man!  A pure-bred stinker!

I am handsome though, I mean just take a look!

Kash the Dog

That's me, Kash the Dog!

A Border Collie-Aussie

We are going to talk about and discuss what really goes on in a dog’s life.  I mean we’ll talk about our masters (good or bad), the stuff they call food that they put in our dish, the kind of mindless tricks they think they are teaching us, and of course, how they “play” with us.

Being just a pup, really, I have a fresh perspective on what is going on.  I mean everything is new to me, or was new to me.  Like I got to ride in a van and go on what they called a vacation.  First they start doing all this stuff of putting my toys, food and blankets in a bag.  I thought oh crap, they are sending me to obedience school for stinker dogs!  But that was not it.

They (my masters) loaded all kinds of stuff in this vehicle.  Then they wanted me to jump up into the thing.  No way I said!  The fat one chased me around the van a couple times, started swearing like he does, and then my other master says something and he gets in the van.  She calmly picks me up and lifts me right into a seat.  Quick closes the door so I can’t escape.  Off we go down the road.  I’m not too sure about this.

Well I’m sick of riding in this thing with all the rushing noises and big metal beasts (they said they were semi trucks) going right by my window!  The ground, trees, buildings and stuff fly by faster than I can run.  Most of the time it’s so fast it is all blurry in my eyes.  But wait!  We are stopping.  What the hell is that?

Kash the Dog

They say I'm an environmentalist.

Collie Mix

Well once they let me out, and it’s good they did, because boy I had to pee!  I went running down this stony path…whoa!  What is that thing?  It’s huge and it’s moving!  They called it a wind turbine.  There are a whole mess of them as far as I can see.  Wonder if I can piss on them all?  Nope, here we go again.

Our next stop was out in the country.  We were able to drive slow enough that I could actually see what stuff was out the window.  I got out and ran around a little cautious because there was smells like I never smelled before.  But it sure felt good to be out in the sunshine.  They are making a big fuss over this really long doghouse looking thing.  Hey wait, it has a creek under it!  Water, I love water!

Kash the Dog on Vacation

Hey that's me sporting a thing around my neck!

Aussie Shepherd Mix

Well, that’s enough for today.  I spill the beans on more vacation stuff tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll even talk about that thing around my neck.  What the crap is that jangling noise anyway?

Okay, see ya later.  I’m going to go curl up next to my master and spew some silent stuff out my butt.  It always causes a ruckus.  I just pretend to be sleeping.

Kash, as in Kash the Dog! (I am a stinker, you know!)